Intel interim CEO says chipmaker has supply to meet its full-year revenue outlook

Intel interim CEO says chipmaker has supply to meet its full-year revenue outlook

Intel’s interim CEO Bob Swan says the chipmaker has enough supply to meet its full-year revenue outlook. “We continue to believe we will have at least the supply to meet the full-year revenue outlook we announced in July, which was $4.5 billion higher than our January expectations,” he wrote in a post entitled “Supply Update” […]

Cincinnati-based 80 Acres Farms.

Firm plans robotic indoor farm to supply Whole Foods Jungle Jim’s

Cincinnati-based 80 Acres Farms revealed Friday that it plans to build a large, fully automated indoor farm in Hamilton, which will produce specialty greens to supply Fairfield-based Jungle Jim’s International Market, Dayton-based Dorothy Lane Markets and national heavyweights such as Whole Foods and U.S. Foods. The facility would be the first of its kind in […]

Welders work on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve pipeline on June 1, 1980, in West Hackberry, Louisianna. Begun under President Ford to reduce the threat of oil embargoes, the SPR crude oil is stored in huge underground salt caverns along the Gulf of Mexico, a natural choice due to the proximity of many refineries and distribution points.

Global oil supply hits record despite Iran, Venezuela falloutĀ 

Despite robust production and supply, oil markets are tightening, meaning that a disruption in any major producer could lead to a material impact on prices. “We are entering a very crucial period for the oil market,” the IAE report stressed. “The market is expected to tighten during the later part of this year, because if […]