KLAS: Secure texting vendors morphing into communications platforms

KLAS: Secure texting vendors morphing into communications platforms

Vendors are evolving secure texting as a complete offering into full-fledged communications platforms by adding new features for healthcare provider organizations, a new report shows. WHAT HAPPENED KLAS has released a new report, “Decision Insights: Secure Communication 2018.” Secure communication is a rapidly evolving market, with high variability in terms of both customer needs and […]

Cloud illustration with padlock.

Why healthcare data may be more secure with cloud computing

In the last few years, cloud computing has moved from an option for healthcare providers to, increasingly, a business necessity. By outsourcing data management to a cloud services company, hospitals can free up their own technical staff to do more work closer to their core competencies. “Microsoft coming along with a public cloud infrastructure, once […]

Doctor texting.

HIPAA lets providers text patients, but is it secure?

Texting between doctors and patients has become more commonplace in recent years. But before the two parties start sharing every intimate detail, experts urge providers to take a step back and consider security. HIPAA guidelines HIPAA permits “readily producible”private health information to be transferred to a patient through their preferred medium, as long as the […]