Moving from text-only to AI, interactive multimedia radiology reports

Health system moves from text-only to AI-powered interactive multimedia radiology reports

The radiology report is the principle work product of the radiologist. Until recently, reports describing findings in imaging studies have been plain, text-only documents. Such reports are increasingly inadequate. The problem “Traditional radiology reports are limited to plain-text in order to simplify the transport of results across information systems,” said Dr. Cree Gaskin, associate chief […]

How health insurance companies use AI to make consumers healthier

How health insurance companies use AI to make consumers healthier

Health insurance companies today are using artificial intelligence and machine learning in ways not possible just five years ago to better pinpoint at-risk individuals and to reduce costs. “The applicability and opportunity on the insurers side is fantastic,” said Mark Morsch, vice president of Technology for Optum360. “AI has gotten hot in the last few […]

midterm elections

Health IT takeaways from the midterm elections

Democrats regained the U.S. House of Representatives in Tuesday’s midterm elections, while Republicans maintained control of the Senate – a rebalancing of power likely to bring both certainty and opportunities for healthcare. “Healthcare was a voting issue for this election,” said Samantha Burch, senior director of congressional affairs at HIMSS. PwC surveyed 1,500 people, for […]


Half of health orgs working on blockchain? PwC says it’s true

Blockchain has gained more traction than it might appear. That’s the top takeaway from a new PwC report, whose most telling statistic is that 49 percent of global healthcare companies are already undertaking blockchain initiatives. WHY IT MATTERS That finding might be something of a surprise, but PwC is not alone in saying that blockchain […]