Google's Assistant Home smart speaker multiple languages bilingual

Google’s Assistant Home smart speaker multiple languages bilingual

No need to fiddle with with the settings: Google‘s smart assistant and Home speaker are now bilingual, allowing users to issue commands in two different languages interchangeably. Previously, users would have to manually switch back and forth between individual languages. It’s a thorny artificial intelligence problem that requires the Assistant to run multiple processes in […]

The Trade Desk rings The Nasdaq Stock Market Closing Bell in celebration of its IPO.

Google’s data restrictions help ad-tech firm Trade Desk

In addition to taking precautions related to GDPR, Google is facing greater scrutiny in the U.S. because of the ways large platforms like Facebook and YouTube have been manipulated by foreign actors to influence consumers, particularly when it comes to political elections. Green cited the Cambridge Analytica scandal twice during Thursday’s conference call, which made […]