Worrying about these stocks is a waste of time

Facebook’s not back yet, but it’s on its way

Matthew Busch | Bloomberg | Getty Images Nick Akins, chairman, president and chief executive officer of American Electric Power Co. Nick Akins, the chairman and CEO of the largest power transmission network in the United States, is keeping a close eye on the country’s economic patterns, he told Cramer in an exclusive interview Wednesday. “Oil […]

Facebook's quarter doesn't inspire much confidence

Facebook’s quarter doesn’t inspire much confidence

As the leader of a mass manufacturer of key electrical components, Kemet Corp. CEO Per-Olof Loof has his finger on the pulse of a host of important industries, he told Cramer in an exclusive interview on Tuesday. “Kemet may not be a household name, but we are pretty much in every household,” he said on […]

Mark Zuckerberg delivers a keynote at Facebook's Oculus Connect 5 event in San Jose, California, on September 26, 2018. 

Facebook’s security breach shows even significant security investment might not help

First, one of the top issues companies must contend with is that many of the cybersecurity problems they are tasked with fixing are backward-facing, based on major issues of the past. That leaves the door wide open for innovators on the adversarial side. Whichever issue brings a company the sharpest criticism from the public, the […]

Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive officer and founder of Facebook

A look at Facebook’s efforts to expand Wi-Fi in developing countries

“We started talking to vendors and found a lot of excitement around solving and addressing these problems,” said Guy Mordecai, Facebook product lead for Express Wi-Fi. “What got us primarily excited that this is actually great is that a) we could improve the experience b) leverage staff to get involved in markets c) it creates […]

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom speaks at Facebook's corporate headquarters during a media event in Menlo Park, California on June 20, 2013, where Facebook announced the introduction of video for Instagram.

Facebook’s Instagram testing college community feature

Screenshot from Instagram A new Instagram feature lets users join a college-based “community” to connect with other students.  Instagram has become Facebook’s way to attract younger users. It’s spent a lot of time mimicking popular features from its main rival Snapchat, including adding features like Stories and longer videos through IGTV. Appealing to the college […]