Starbucks stores are running out of reusable red cups

Here’s how Starbucks plans to boost US sales in five charts

Decadent drinks topped with whipped cream are taking a back seat at Starbucks. Starbucks’ blended Frappuccino beverages, which were once a major driver of sales growth for the company, are no longer resonating with customers. At the height of their popularity, these quirky treats helped bolster sales and got people to walk through the door […]

President Donald Trump

Here’s how Trump hobbled Obamacare and drove enrollment down 

The open enrollment period for people to sign up for health insurance next year through the Affordable Care Act ends Saturday in most states, and signups are significantly down from last year. While President Donald Trump didn’t repeal and replace former President Barack Obama‘s signature health-care law, more commonly known as Obamacare, he was able […]

The Riveter operates female-centric coworking spaces in Seattle and Los Angeles, with plans to expand. 

Plaid is worth $2.65 billion; The Riveter raises capital

Robotiq, based in Quebec City, announced $31 million CAD (about $23.2 million U.S.) in funding from Battery Ventures. Robotiq makes robotic equipment and software including specially designed, plug-and-play “grippers,” force sensors and camera technology. Tigera, an enterprise cybersecurity company focused on compliance solutions for Kubernetes platforms, closed a $30 million Series B round, led by […]

European stocks to open lower as US-China trade conflict escalates

J&J investors overreact to asbestos report

This morning Reuters published a story charging that Johnson & Johnson knew back in 1971 that “its iconic baby power sometimes contained asbestos and failed to alert authorities.” The story also cited a Missouri court of 22 women who said their use of baby powder “caused them to develop ovarian cancer.” The stock market reacted […]

Cramer talks sell-off, blesses some careful stock-picking

Cramer talks sell-off, blesses some careful stock-picking

Pessimism among investors shouldn’t deter people from carefully buying shares of high-quality companies that have endured massive declines, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Friday after a widespread sell-off in the stock market. On Thursday, survey results from the American Association of Individual Investors showed that pessimism among retail investors was at its worst in some 5½ […]